Dear Members,

The Bear Mountain Community Association has received resident input regarding concern about speeding on Bear Mountain Parkway.

As a result, the BMCA met with the City of Langford to discuss this matter.

The following summarizes the discussion points:

  • Speeding is a common issue and concern on roads in all parts of the city.
  • The City is sensitive to the issue and addresses it constantly.
  • They have undertaken a number of recent studies on both the existing and new portions of Bear Mountain Parkway.
  • The results indicate that speeds are within a prescribed measure of tolerance.
  • The prescribed measure of tolerance is that if 85% of traffic complies with speed limits, the signage and traffic controls are deemed sufficient.
  • The problem is the 15% who do not comply and are generally dealt with by implementing periodic radar checks.
  • At this point, there is little evidence to warrant additional speed controls, with a minor exception, specifically, a review of a Pebble crosswalk on the Parkway to determine if one is warranted.
  • Otherwise, the City will continue its ongoing monitoring of the situation.

Having said all that, as we have all seen drivers who exceed the speed limit, we as pedestrians must remain vigilant.

The Langford Engineering Department welcomes feedback and I invite you to share any concerns you may have with them: 


Michel Lavigne for BMCA Directors