Dear Members,

Further to the previous email about this topic we would like to offer the following additional information.

The info below is correct with respect to signalling when entering traffic circles or roundabouts.

  • Signal right if exiting at first exit
  • Signal left if exiting at third exit
  • No need to signal when entering if exiting at second exit (straight)

However, it is always recommended to signal right when exiting the circle regardless if it is the first , second or third exit. Look at it like this: A roundabout is essentially a four-way intersection with a rotary traffic island in the middle. Signalling where you intend to go, and when you exit, is best practice. These rules are consistent with other countries, such as the United Kingdom, where roundabouts have been used for decades to improve safety and traffic flow.

This link supports this approach

By the way, technically a traffic circle has 2 lanes or more. What we have on Bear Mountain are roundabouts!