Hello Members,

We hope that you are all managing these unique times without losing your mind.

Here are a few comments received in the past few days.

“900 Degrees is also delivering to the Mountain daily between 4:30 and 8:00 p.m. You may place orders by calling 250 590 4493”

“St Anthony’s Pharmacy, Rexall, Walmart, Superstore and many other pharmacies deliver.”

We called Millstream Market and Thrifty’s food to quash a rumor that they had stopped delivery due to staff being overworked. Indeed, it was fake news.

Millstream Market told us that they are busy but continue to deliver. They do reach capacity to deliver same day in some cases. Ordering on line and having the order ready for pick up by someone not in “self isolation” would take some pressure off the service.

Here is an article on hoarding. Good quote “you don’t need 500 cans of baked beans for 14 day isolation.  Its socially responsible not to hoard. https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200304-coronavirus-covid-19-update-why-people-are-stockpiling

It’s probably clear by now that spread of COVID19 is not just related to travel but happening at the community level. This article reports that 44% of new cases are acquired in the community. So, its up to us to stop the spread at Bear Mountain.


Hopefully, we are all making our best effort to practice social distancing, washing our hands frequently and avoid touching our mouth, nose, eyes without clean hands.

We will make it though this.

Be well.