Dear Members,

We are dressing up our messages with The Sights and Sounds of Bear Mountain.

By Joe Matuska – Flicker making sawdust

At our 2019 AGM, we presented a Community Award to Jorge Munoz and Terry McRorie. These two gentlemen dedicated countless hours to improve the natural environment of Ponds East and West. Their efforts made a huge difference. Perhaps we can recognize actions of residents who are difference makers in our community, on a more regular basis.

In this spirit, let us tell you about Maria Manna, if you don’t already know. Maria a professional singer, sings from her balcony at Ponds East at 7pm every day, after the pot bangers are done. She belts out 2 songs every night, in recognition of the front line health care workers.  She publishes these performances on Facebook.  Check it out here.

You can hear her live from the back of the Ponds East building. Not that we are encouraging social gatherings! 🙂

Thank you Maria for community building.

We would also like to recognize members who made donations in addition to their membership fees. The proceeds will be used to install 2 additional dog waste receptacles. Some of these members will also be emptying the dog waste receptacles regularly / every 2-3 days. It’s a real commitment.

Thank you to Keith Walsh, Warren Armstrong, Carla Anderson, Andrew Robertson (our webmaster) and Wayne Wills for your donations.

We are up to 82 paying members.  We hope this can keep growing.

If you have stories to share about other acts generosity and community building, please share them as we would like to circulate them.

If you have photos that you would like to share about moments and activities in our community, please do so and we will showcase them in our emails.