1.   Why did the Bear Mountain Community Association (BMCA) get started?

The association was started by a small group of keen residents living on Bear Mountain.  They were concerned with the proposed plans by Bear Mountain Land Holdings to destroy 9 holes of the Mountain golf course in order to turn the land into a housing development.

2.   How can I stay connected with the community association?

There are several ways you can stay connected.  Please sign up to be a member of the BMCA in order to receive regular email updates.  You can also like our Facebook page and check out our website regularly for news and information.

3.   Do members of the BMCA need to live on Bear Mountain?

No, members of BMCA do not need to live on Bear Mountain.  In fact, many of our current members are residents of Langford as they have an interest in preserving our community’s assets such as the world class golf courses.  We also have members from across greater Victoria and elsewhere who have an interest in our beautiful community and golf resort.

 4.   Are the Mountain and Valley golf courses staying intact on Bear Mountain?

There are no plans currently in the works to alter the golf courses on Bear Mountain, as far as we know.  We continue to stay vigilant  to preserve the golf courses and have plans to work collaboratively with the new owners to ensure that community interests are understood.

5.  Is there a membership fee to join the association? 

At the June 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) the membership voted to increase the fee from $10.00 to $20.00 per year. The annual membership fee offsets the expenses of the association.  Membership fees are  due January 1 and expire Dec 31 each year. Members receive regular email updates. We plan to engage with the community through various events (such as our Golf Event held in April).  Members have voting rights at the AGM held each year in June.