Dear Members,

As you know we have 3 traffic circles in our community on Bear Mountain Parkway.

The following information, which we received from the RCMP, is a reminder regarding the traffic flow rules for traffic circles.

The traffic act in B.C. does not specifically address traffic circles, therefore traffic circle should be treated like any other intersection, where there is no traffic signal or stop signs.

Keep the following in mind;

  • Yield to the traffic IN the circle
  • There is no need to stop unless the movement of your vehicle will impede the progress of a vehicle already in the circle
  • First come, first serve
  • If two vehicles arrive at the same time, yield to the car on the right
  • Traffic on Bear Mountain Parkway does not have the right-of-way over traffic entering from side streets
  • Signal as you would in other intersections
  • Signal left if going around to the left and signal right when exiting to the right
  • No signal means going straight
  • The principle is driver courtesy, let the other driver know what you are doing

We hope this is helpful.