Dear Resident,

Your Bear Mountain Community Association (BMCA) undertakes special community initiatives from time to time.

Bear Mountain is a dog friendly community; however, we have noticed a proliferation of dog waste and dog waste baggies scattered around our Bear Mountain community. It was decided that something must be done to resolve this issue.

Last summer a subcommittee of BMCA directors, headed by Joe Matuska, was formed and the Dog Poop Abatement Project was underway!

We initially requested the assistance of The City of Langford, hoping that they would contribute additional garbage cans in problem areas.  Unfortunately, the City informed us that their limited budget for new garbage cans (4 new ones per year in Langford) did not permit them to contribute receptacles. Their cost for each can is $2,500 and the monthly waste collection is $300.

The BMCA decided to take the initiative and the Dog Poop Abatement Project pilot program was launched last September.  Two collection stations consisting of a green metal waste container and signage mounted on a metal post were purchased and installed for $250 each. These were placed along the Bear Mountain Parkway – one behind the bus stop near Bishops Gate and the other between St. Andrews West and the new Cypress subdivision.

Sticks and Bones Dog Grooming (101-1335 Bear Mountain Parkway) as well as the Westin Bear Mountain subsequently donated $250.00 each to this project. Two additional Dog Waste stations were installed in November, the first in the courtyard by the Bear Mountain Market, the second across the Parkway from Ponds Landing East.

If you use the waste collection bags, please ensure they are placed in a proper waste container.

We are happy to report that the collection stations are well utilized. The cans are maintained twice per week by Sticks and Bones Dog Grooming and BMCA volunteers.  Dog waste baggies in areas serviced by the waste stations have almost entirely disappeared.

Given that the pilot program is a big success, we must now consider a long-term sustainable solution.

The BMCA has identified additional areas requiring dog waste stations, but we welcome your input, as this will help us demonstrate the need for these stations to the City of Langford.

Please email us at if you know of an area that would benefit from a dog waste collection station.