Dear Members,

Here are some comments received yesterday regarding delivery of essentials. Thank you.

“I have ordered from The Market on Millstream on 2 occasions for fresh produce and miscellaneous groceries.  They have been very busy but have delivered as promised….with some items out of stock but getting most of my order filled with substitutions.”

“This is an up to date link for the market on millstream

“Jack’s is making every effort to look after us during this crazy time. They are delivering on the mountain between 3-9 and the liquor store and coffee shop are all open (reduced hours). Support local!  Thanks Jack’s! “

“Costco have implemented a very efficient store entry practice. I went there yesterday and they have most things in plentiful stock. I did not witness any panic buying. “

“Quality Foods has an excellent online shopping system for delivery or pickup – however, they currently don’t have enough delivery times in service but are currently working on that. See their site:

Someone asked if there are any Pharmacies which deliver. As noted in a recent email from the City of Langford and Forbes Pharmacy. “If medication or medical supplies are needed for the Langford residents, Forbes Pharmacy will be able to deliver products to homes.”

Be well and practice social distancing. It’s our best tool to shorten the impact of COVID19.