Dear Members,

The BMCA normally holds an Annual General Meeting. It is held annually at the end of June. With the COVID situation, your Board of Directors deliberated its options. Under the Bylaws of the Societies Act an AGM can be postponed until the following calendar year. It was decided to cancel the AGM for 2020, which was communicated to members in June 2020.

Four Directors chose to step down, during the 2019-2020 term. Under the Societies Act, The Board can replace outgoing directors during a term, outside of an AGM. In the absence of an AGM, at our July Board Meeting, four new directors were appointed to replace the outgoing directors. These are members who had expressed interest in being Directors during the term.

At the last Board of Directors meeting on August 11, 2020, Officers were appointed to replace the two officers who had stepped down.

Here is a summary of the Directors and Officers changes:

Outgoing Directors and Officers

Michel Lavigne – President
Jim Armstrong – Vice President
Ellen Obeler –
Tammie Enyurekli – Past Secretary

Incoming Directors

Evelyn Pollock – President
Terry Trace – Vice President
Jim Stobie
Cyrus Lim

Existing and Remaining Directors

Bob Flitton
Kyle Fuzi
Charles Lugosi
Joe Matuska – Treasurer
Brigitte Neilsen – Secretary
Bill Stafford – Past President

We apologize for not sending this note immediately after the August 11, 2020 meeting. We understand that this was partially reported in the Bear Mountain News.

We appreciate that paying BMCA members have the right to vote to elect Directors. We apologize if the above events are unusual and that paying members have felt left out of the process. The BMCA is hoping to get back to a normal process and hold a regular AGM in 2021.

In the meantime, please rest assured that the new Directors and Officers are extremely qualified, experienced and keen to serve you, the members of the BMCA. We are lucky to have them on board to dedicate their time.


BMCA Directors