Dear members,

The Bear Mountain Community Association (BMCA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 27, 2019 at the Westin Hotel.

We would like to thank Lillian Szpak our City of Langford councilor, Ryan Mogensen and Shannon Drew of Ecoasis for answering questions from the attendees.

We attach the minutes of the meeting for your reference.

There were a few questions posed to Ms. Szpak which were unanswered, but which she volunteered to follow up as follows;

Use of land at the old Quigg development site: The site formerly known as the Quigg development site and located at 2131 Players Drive is being used by a developer as a construction management office with accessory outdoor storage. The City of Langford has granted a Temporary Permit which expires on January 2020. All outdoor storage must be screened by a solid 6 ft fence.

There was concern about noisy parties and the inability to exercise control over them. The answer was that there is a noise bylaw in place. We received information once again from the City in this regard and will send it, along with a link to the bylaw, under a separate email.

What is the Evacuation Plan for our community in the event of wildfire? The answer is that there is a plan in place, and we will circulate details under a separate email.

As concerns BMCA business, a Directors Report was presented outlining the activities of the BMCA for the past 12 months, details of which are in the Minutes.

We also approved a Financial Report and elected Directors.

Your BMCA Board of Directors until the next AGM is made up of the following volunteers;

Jim Armstrong
Marjorie Brown-Watts
Tammie Enyurekli
Bob Flitton
Kyle Fuzi
Michel Lavigne
Dr. Charles Lugosi
Joe Matuska
Brigitte Nielsen
Ellen Oboler
Bill Stafford

Thank you to those who attended.

We look forward to serving our community and acting as its voice, in dealing with issues which affect its residents. We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns or ideas which can improve our community and its spirit.



Download Meeting Minutes