The Bear Mountain Community Association (BMCA) formed in 2013,  is an independent group guided by the Societies Act, geographically located within the City of Langford We are currently reviewing, updating past activities to ensure we are focused on the needs of our Community today.

BMCA is comprised of resident volunteers who  provide valuable input to the Council and Langford staff on items of interest such as  land use and planning proposals.  Collaborating with developers and retail outlets working in the Bear Mountain Community, is a new effort to ensure our neighbours receive timely and accurate information on things that matter.

The BMCA Values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration

BMCA Mission:

Facilitating the change that will be significant enough to matter to our Community, whatever success looks like.

BMCA Vision:

The BMCA is committed to a Vision for “An Engaged Neighbourhood Dedicated to Building A Healthy, Vibrant and Safe Community”.  We all love Bear Mountain and want to see it prosper. If you are not already a member please join us.