A number of years ago, on Christmas Eve, a single tree, covered with Christmas lights suddenly appeared on the top of Mt. Finlayson.

This lit Christmas tree now shows up every Christmas Eve.

We have received the following information from a reliable source and long-term resident.

So, here is the story behind this mysterious and surprising sight.

Christmas lights on Mt. Finlayson, A Bear Mountain Christmas Story

From Relf, a long-time resident elf of Mount Finlayson

“As I see it, the trouble started years earlier, but early Christmas morning 2012, the problem came to a head.

As most everyone already knows, the last place Santa delivers presents, before heading home to the North Pole, is southern Vancouver Island and in particular, Bear Mountain.

The unfortunate fact is that Santa’s’ eyesight is not as good as it used to be and Rudolf’s’ nose is not as bright and on the trip home that fateful December 25th 2012 night, the crew headed off course and ended up in Siberia. Nowadays you don’t want to be flying around, unannounced, anywhere in Siberia.

The crew eventually arrived home to the North Pole. But, Mrs. Claus was worried sick and not at all happy.

And so, on November 3rd, 2013, Mrs. Claus sent a letter to the legendary Elves who inhabit Mount Finlayson. She requested that they set up a navigation beacon to direct Santa home. The Elves designed and built a beacon in the shape of a Christmas tree with a blinking star on top. The tree was oriented to point precisely in the direction of the North Pole. The beacon is lit at dusk on Christmas Eve and stays on until Santa heads home in the early morning hours.

This beacon has guided Santa and the reindeer back home ever since, safe and sound, and in record time.”